School Calendars

Most of the calendars on a website are School Calendars. A school can have multiple School Calendars. 

Account access

Website administrators have access to all School Calendars. User accounts can be granted access to one or more school calendars.


Most organizations have a main calendar that appears on the homepage of the public website.
Some organizations have multiple calendars such as a district calendar, athletics calendar or performing arts calendar. These calendars might appear on the homepage as well and/or might appear on a landing page about that subject.

Event Management

A Google Calendar can be imported to a School Calendar. Integrate a Google Calendar with an Edlio Calendar.

Find School Calendars in the admin area

1. Navigate to Calendars

By default Calendars will open to School Calendars.

2. Select the Category you wish to view and manage.

Manage a Calendar Category

Submit a technical support case to remove calendar categories.

1. Go to Site Management > Settings.

2. In Settings, select the Calendars tab.

3. Select the calendar category

4. Modify settings

Common modifications:

  • Edit the title of the category
  • Change the number of events visible on the homepage or landing page.

5. Add a Calendar

To add a new calendar:
  1. Click the Add Calendar button.
  1. In the Title field, enter a calendar name.
  2. Click the Add Calendar button.

6. Remember to Save.