Once people have filled out the form, you can see their responses.
The list of forms shows how many responses each form has received. To view the responses for a specific form, select Responses from the [...] menu.
Once a form has received at least one response, clicking the name of the form takes you to the responses instead of the form editor.

All Responses

The responses to this form are shown in a table.
  • The Download to Excel button saves a .csv file of the responses to your computer.
  • Click on any row to view the details of that response. 

Individual Responses

An individual response shows all this person's answers to the form questions. 


If a form has payment fields, the total amount paid is visible on the table of all responses.
To get an overview of income and quantities purchased through this form, click the Sales Summary button.
If a purchase has been made, the individual response includes additional information:
  • Receipt ID - ID of the corresponding payment transaction in Stripe, click to open details in Stripe
  • Payment Status
  • Deposit Account
  • Order summary