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Add Google Analytics to your site

  1. Please sign into Google Analytics or get started with a new account.
  2. Then Follow the steps for setting up a property. When you see the screen prompt below select option 2 to "Create a new Google Analytics property and set it up on your website".
3. After the final step, Get Tracking ID, you will receive a tracking ID similar to
4. Copy your tracking ID.
5. Log into your Edlio admin site.
6. Using the dashboard or hamburger menu, navigate to Site Management » Settings.
  1. In Settings, click on the SEO & Marketing tab.
  1. On the SEO & Marketing tab, enter your tracking ID into the field for "Google Analytics Profile ID."
  1. Hit the Save button on the upper right.
You will start seeing data in Google Analytics in about 24 hours.
To learn how to read the data you see in the Google Analytics interface, please read the next article.