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Add profile pictures for Staff

1. On the User Profile page, go to Actions → Edit Profile Photo or tab the camera icon on the user's profile photo.

For best results, upload a square image at least 200 px by 200 px.

2. Upload a photo.

If the person already has a photo you use the trash icon to remove the current photo.

3. Adjust the crop outline to control how much of the photo you would like to show. Then Crop & Save.


4. Alternatively, on the User Management page find the staff member you would like to add a profile picture to.

Crop isn't available at this time for this option. In order to crop your photo, go to the staff member's profile page and follow steps 1-3.

5. Tap the placeholder user icon or existing photo next to their name and upload a photo.

You can also find the photo uploader in the options menu.

edit profile photo option