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Create a new Auto Notice (Contact Lists)

Before you start...

Make sure you have a contact list with the recipients you wish to send to before you start creating a new Auto Notice with contact lists.

1. Click New Auto Notice

New Auto Notice

2. Enter an Auto Notice name and select the channels that will be used for this Auto Notice

Auto Notice name
The Auto Notice Name is for your reference only and will not be used in the Auto Notice itself.

3. Select Contact List as the data source type

Select Data Source

4. Select recipients

Select contact lists
Click Add Contact Lists to select the contact lists that contain the intended recipients.
You can click on the contact lists that have been added to see the list of recipients in the contact list and which email address or phone number will be used for each contact.
Contacts will be deduplicated by default. When multiple contacts with the same email address or phone number are found, only one message will be sent to each email address or phone number. Uncheck the Deduplicate email addresses and phone numbers from selected contact lists option to force multiple messages to be sent to each contact regardless of duplicate email addresses or phone numbers.

5. Write your Auto Notice message template for each channel

For all channels, you can use Insert merge field to insert the merge field tokens that reference the fields from the contact lists. Auto Notices will replace these merge field tokens with the data from each contact when sending messages.
You can also manually enter these merge field tokens. They are in the format {{Name_of_Token}}.

Email Message

Email template
Select the From address this Auto Notice will be sent from. These email addresses should have been added when you were setting up Broadcasts.
Enter an email Subject line and write your Message body.

Text Message

Text message
Text Messages are limited to 266 characters. The limit applies to the message template.
The final composed message may exceed this limit as the text inserted from the contact list information may be of arbitrary length. Longer text messages that result from large text in the contact information may consume more text message units. Messages that exceed the maximum possible text message length imposed by various cell phone carriers may not be delivered.

Voice Message

Voice message
Enter the message you would like and the text-to-speech service will speak your message in the voice call.
Once you have entered messages for all channels, click Continue to move to the final step.

6. Schedule Auto Notice

Schedule Auto Notice
Schedule this Auto Notice to be sent Weekly or Monthly. You can also leave the Auto Notice unscheduled and send it manually instead.
Auto Notices can be scheduled at most once per day. If you need to send the same Auto Notice more than once per day, you can copy the Auto Notice and schedule the copy at a different time of day.