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OSP User Roles Overview

The OSP system includes ways to add, remove, and manage users’ access.
There are standard multiple levels of access for OSP, OTR & OMS:
  • From the lowest level to the highest: Teacher, Bookkeeper, Principal (lower read-only plus work flow), Bookkeeper, Auditor, (higher read-only) and OSP Admin for central office administrators. Users can also have restrictions based on what schools/programs they can interact with. (For example, a single school bookkeeper should only view their school but a central office administrator should see all schools). Please only grant the least or minimal privilege only.
To help automate some of these more tedious processes, a LDAP/SSO integration can be added to your school district. Broadly speaking, this is a feature to make user accounts’ security easier to maintain by your own internal IT Department. School districts that use Online Teacher Receipting (OTR), have more than 500 staff members access OSP, and/or are high usage all would benefit from adding LDAP/Single Sign On.
Interested to know more? Please see the LDAP section in this document and/or inquire with your OSP support representation by email at [email protected]