Section Calendars

Section Calendars allow individual sections (e.g. Math, Counseling, Athletics, etc.) to have their own calendar outside of the main school calendars. Each section can have only one Section Calendar.

Account access

Any user account with access to a section in Category Pages will have access to that section's calendar.


A Section Calendar is displayed in that section on the public website.

Event Management

Events in a Section Calendar can be managed in the same way as events in School Calendars.
A Google Calendar cannot be imported to a Section Calendar. You can use a School Calendar instead or can embed a Google Calendar on a Page.

Find a Section Calendar in the admin area

Navigate to the section this calendar belongs to

If the section already has a calendar, it will be listed along with the pages in this section.

Add a Section Calendar to a section

1. Tap Add Page.

2. Select Calendar.

3. Add an event

Once an event has been added, the calendar will remain visible in the section.

Hide a Section Calendar

If you no longer wish the Section Calendar to be visible, select Unpublish from the page tools menu.