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Sign in with Google SSO

After Google SSO is set up, teachers and staff must use their Google credentials to log into your website's admin area.
On your website's login page click the "Sign in with Google" button.
(If you are logging into the super admin account click "Sign in as Super Administrator" instead.)

The first time you sign in with Google

A popup modal will ask you to sign in with your Google credentials.
The system will verify your email and password with Google.
You'll see the "Almost There" page with two options for how to proceed.

Yes, I have an account already.

This is more common for existing schools that have decided to add Google SSO.
The left side of the "Almost There" page is for users who have an existing Edlio account.
We recommend you do NOT enter the super admin account here. This would bind the admin account to your Google account only, preventing other super admins at your school from logging into the super admin account. To log in as the super admin, go back to the log in screen and select "Sign in as Super Administrator".

If you want to log in with Google, create a new account instead (see below). Then log out of it and log in as the super admin to give your new Google-connected account web admin privileges.
After entering your Edlio username and password the system will associate your Google account with your Edlio account. Your privileges remain the same as before.
Next you'll be taken to your dashboard.

No, please create a new account for me.

The right side of the "Almost There" page is for those who do not yet have an Edlio account set up.
Click the "Create Account" button to create a new Edlio account using your Google account info.
The new account will be a regular user account with limited access.
You will be taken directly to the "Privileges" page.

Request Privileges

Review the privileges for your account. You may request changes, such as selecting your department.
Note: Your access will remain the same until your website administrator approves the change.

After submitting the request, both you and your web admin will receive a copy of the request by email.

Approve, deny or modify requested privileges

Website administrators can review and take action on the request by clicking the blue "Manage Requests" button in the email.

The button opens the "Privileges" page for that account where the request can be accepted, denied or changed.