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Review Privilege Request

When users login for the first time through Google or Microsoft SSO they may submit an account creation request. Similarly, when users require additional privileges to make changes to the website, they may submit a privilege request.

Types of requests

Account creation request

If your site uses Google or Microsoft SSO, users can be created on demand when they login for the first time. If your site is configured to require an account creation request upon first time login, users will be prompted to request an account creation before they can continue (learn more about the first time login process for Google SSO users and Microsoft SSO users).
When an account request is submitted, users are created in a disabled state and are not able to login until a website administrator approves their request.

Privilege request

When users do not have enough privileges to complete their task, they can request additional privileges from their user profile page.
As well, users logging in for the first time with Google or Microsoft SSO on a site that is configured to automatically create users will be prompted to complete a privilege request so that they may be assigned the correct privileges.
When a privilege request is submitted, no changes will be made to their privileges until a website administrator approves their request.

How to view requests

Request notification email

When users submit these requests, all website administrators on the site are notified by email with a link to review these requests so that they may approve or deny them.
Website administrators that receive this email can click on the "Manage Permissions" link to be taken directly to review the request.

User Management

Website administrators can view all pending account / privilege requests from User Management. All users with pending requests will be marked with the "Account Request" or "Privilege Request" badge and can be filtered using the "Account / Privilege Request" filter.
From each user profile page, website administrators can click on the "Review Account Request" or "Review Privilege Request" option from the Actions menu to review the request.

Reviewing a request

When reviewing a request, do you need to make this user a Website Administrator? Remember that only Super Administrators can assign another user as Website Administrator. If you are a Website Administrator, reach out to a Super Administrator in your organization to help you. Learn more about account types here.

Privilege request

When reviewing a privilege request, website administrators can see the privileges that the user requested checked and in BOLD. Privileges can be added or removed as needed from this page.
Click "Update Privileges" to update the user's privileges to match what has been selected.
Click "Clear Privilege Request" to delete this request without making changes to the user's privileges.
Click "Cancel" to return to User Management without making any changes.

Account request

When reviewing an account creation request, website administrators can enable the user and grant various privileges to the website.
Click "Approve" to enable the user and grant privileges. The user will be notified that they can now login and will immediately have the assigned privileges.
Click "Deny" to leave the user disabled and delete this request. The user will not be notified.
Click "Cancel" to return to User Management without making any changes.