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Account types: regular, website administrator and super admin

The Edlio CMS allows you to manage what each person has access to. This helps you delegate responsibilities clearly. It also helps people focus on those areas of the website that are their responsibility.

What's the difference between "super" admin, website administrators and regular user accounts?

There are three basic levels of user accounts each with their own purpose.

"Super" admin

Each website has one super administrator account. It is a unique account with the username admin. It is the only account that can add, remove and edit website administrators. All other privileges and access for the super admin account are exactly the same as for the other website administrators.
We recommend only logging in using the admin username if you need to manage website administrators.

Website administrators

You probably have a few trusted people you want to help you manage the entire website and update regular user accounts. These are your fellow website administrators.
To make someone a website administrator log in with the super admin account and check the box in their Profile next to Website Administrators.

Regular user accounts

When you add a new user account, by default it will be a regular user account without any extra privileges. That person will just have the basics when they log into your website's admin area: their own little piece of the website to hold their  pages, photos, videos and calendar.
Sometimes you may want to give someone another little piece of the website to take care of for you. You can do that! Just follow the steps 3-7 from the article Add a new user to give a someone access to specific categories, features and password protected areas.

 What can each kind of user account do?

Privilege or access
"Super" admin
(admin username only)
Website Administrators Regular user accounts
Can manage other website administrators no no
Can manage users who are not website administrators no
Can access and manage all features in the Edlio admin area no
Can send emails from your organization through Email Sender no
Can be given additional specific privileges no
You may also designate any user as belonging to one or more user types to help fine-tune their role and responsibilities on the website.

Best practices for user accounts

  • Change your password from the default one the very first time you log in.
  • Continue to change your password regularly.
  • Only log in using the "super" admin account (admin username) if you need to make changes to website administrators. For all other tasks log in using your own username.
  • Do not share the admin account with others.
  • Limit the number of website administrators to 3-5.
  • Delegate sections of the site to others–department chairs work on department pages, club advisors work on their club pages, coaches work on team pages, etc.