Features » User Management » Add a new user

Add a new user

1. Tap Create new user on the top right corner in User Management.

2. Fill out all the required fields

  1. username
  2. first name
  3. last name
  4. password
  5. email address
When creating a password, make sure it is unique and secure. Please click here to review best practices for passwords.

3. Under the section User Type select an appropriate group for the user.

Only users checked as school staff (Other Employees, School Administrators or Teachers) will appear in the Staff Directory on the public website. Learn more about user types.

4. Set access to categories and visibility in staff lists

Under Categories & Sections you can choose to show this user on the staff list of one or more categories. You can also give this user the ability to edit specific categories in Pages.

5. Grant additional admin access

Under Additional Edit & Access Privileges you can allow the user to access and manage certain admin features, specific news feeds, or specific event calendars.

6. Allow access to Password-Protected Areas

Users must login and have permission to view a Password-Protected Area before they can see it. Password-Protected Areas cannot be seen by the public.

Learn how to set up a password protected area.

7. Save to finish creating the user.