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Home page updates

Your home page makes a statement about your organization's values and personality. Each organization has different needs and a different audience. Therefore, some of the features listed here will be relevant to your school's or district's home page while others will not.
Shuffles - a slideshow. Most sites have at least one on their home page. Some sites may have a large shuffle along with one or more smaller ones.
News & Alerts - a news feed where you can share exciting news and important announcements on your website.
Calendar - a list of upcoming events
Quick Links - the big buttons that give viewers a way to quickly jump to common links. Quick links can only be modified by technical support. Please submit a support case requesting changes.
Links - a list of important links
Homepage Widgets: an additional way for you to collect contact information or responses.
Spotlight Messages - usually a message from the principal or superintendent
Quick Poll - ask your viewers a question with an informal poll
Not sure how to update a specific part of the home page? Our technical support team is ready to help!