User Management Overview

Legacy User Management will be retired on June 30, 2022. You can continue using the legacy version until the retirement date and any user profile changes that you make will be reflected on the legacy view and the modern view.
You can manage who can log into your website's admin area in User Management.
Only website administrators can access User Management.

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Managing privileges and permissions

The Edlio CMS allows you to manage what each person has access to. This helps you delegate responsibilities clearly. It also helps people focus on those areas of the website that are their responsibility.
Consider designating a few trusted people as website administrators. Website administrators have access to all features and can help you manage other users.
You can also assign one or more user types to any account to help you keep track of the different roles, account holders may have in your organization. This is a great way to easily populate your website's Staff Directory with your teachers and staff.

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