Creating News/Sending Notifications from the Dashboard

From the Dashboard:
Step 1: Use the left-hand side list menu or the tile menu, they do the same thing. To send a push notification click the ‘News’ tile or click ‘Create New+’ on the left-hand list menu.
Step 2:  Enter a "Title".  Enter text into the message body box. You can add links, attachments/pictures, and videos during this step.
creating news
Step 3:  Click "Continue"
Step 4:  Select the Channel(s) where the message is to be displayed and then click "Continue".
Note: Social Media channels need to be connected first in News/Settings/ Feeds.
channels for push notification
Step 5:  Select whom you want to receive the message by either choosing "All Users" or a specific category and then click "Continue"
If utilizing Secured Access, choose a user role or target list if so desired.
whom options
Step 6:  Click "Send" or "Schedule for later"        
final ste
Review message- Check for typos, the correct attachment, etc. Confirm your Targets, and set when to want to send the message, or send it immediately.