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Push Notification Alert Settings

There are both in-App and Device settings which App users have for their Alerts or Push Notifications.

To receive push notifications in the App

Each app user needs Notifications enabled and the Bell Icon(s) selected in the Notifications section of their Settings.
This is located by first selecting the Menu icon:
Then selecting the Personal Settings Icon:
This brings you to your in-App Settings screen where you can then select Notifications:
Here, 'Enable push notifications' must be toggled ON at the top.

*It is important to note that if the categories below have the Bell icons selected, but the 'Enable Push Notifications' at the top is toggled off, all notifications are blocked.
'Enable Push Notifications' must be toggled on for the app user to receive any notifications.
The Bell icons have to be selected for the categories or feeds that they want to receive alerts or push notifications for.
The Eye icon allows for the news items from the category to be visible in the news feed, but not to receive alerts or push notifications.
The X icon blocks alerts or push notifications and makes the items not appear in the news feed.

To receive push notifications based on the Operation System used (iOS / Android)

The Notification Settings for App users devices (iPhone/iPad/Android phone or tablet) can override the Notification Settings within the App.
If their App Settings are not being followed, please have them check their Device Settings.
You can share these helpful support articles, depending on which Operation System (OS) their Device uses, to ensure Push Notifications are enabled: