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Tips for new admins

  1. Update your profile
  2. Add/update users & staff
  3. Delegate website maintenance tasks to users by giving them access to specific sections in Pages or other features. Share the content strategy with them.
  4. Create/confirm your term start/end dates and copy old classes to the new term if needed
  5. Ask your teachers to update their photo, profile, personal page and classes/assignments
  6. Add Calendar events
  7. Watch and share past webinar videos
  8. Share some exciting news, important announcements about your school/district with News & Alerts
  9. Add Google Analytics to your site
  10. Connect your organizations' social media accounts with Edlio to post news and messages


Did you know....

  1. As an Admin can customize their homepage with widgets. Choose between a Form widget - great for getting users to sign up for your school's newsletter - or a button link widget to draw attention to another page. You can place these widgets anywhere on your homepage, and change 'em up whenever you like!
  2. Through contact form validation it's easy to keep your school secure and spam-free by only allowing visitors to send contact forms if they first verify their identity through Google or Facebook. It's live on your site now! Admins, if you want to disable it, please go to Site Management > Settings and navigate to the Security tab.
  3. We've launched HTTPS as a free upgrade for all customer websites in the next few weeks! HTTPS provides a layer of protection for your website visitors, so Internet service providers (ISPs) cannot see exactly which pages your visitors are viewing. It also improves your Google search ranking. Win-win!