Google Integration Overview

If your organization uses Google services, there are a number of ways you can integrate those services with the Edlio CMS.
In September 2016 Google renamed Google Apps to G Suite. This means Google Apps for Education is now known as G Suite for Education. Read this Google help article about the name change from Google Apps to G Suite.

Google single sign on

Google single sign on allows your teachers and staff to sign into your website's admin area using their Google account information. This makes it easier for them to log in and easier for you to manage users.

Google Classroom

Integrating Google Classroom with your website allows teachers to set up Edlio Classes that are connected to their Google Classes. When they post assignments in their Edlio Classes the assignments will post to their Google Classes.
Teachers can then:

Google Calendars

School Calendars in the Edlio CMS can import events from Google Calendars. Once this is set up you can update and manage events in the Google Calendar and the calendar on your website will update automatically.
If needed, you also disconnect a Google Calendar

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can find out more about the people who view your website.
After a day or so you'll be able to access website traffic stats using Google Analytics
Note: Universal Analytics will deprecate on July 1, 2023 and will no longer collect data. We recommend switching over to GA4 to integrate into your CMS as soon as possible.