Insert tables

1. Add a new page or tap on the name of the existing page you wish to edit.

2. Add a new Content block or click into an existing one.

  • If you added a new content block, remove the placeholder text.
  • If you are placing the table into an existing content block, click where you would like the table to be.

3. Click the Table icon, Insert table and then select the size of the table you wish to insert.

In this example, we are adding a table that is 3 columns wide by 4 columns tall. If you want to add column names at the top add one extra row.

4. Click in any cell in the table to enter text.

Add and remove columns and rows

You can use the buttons in the toolbar under the table or the menus available under the table button.

Select text and then add styling

5. Remember to Save when you're finished.