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School staff and other user types

Any account, whether a regular account, website administrator, or "super" admin, can be marked as belonging to one or more user types.
This helps you delegate responsibilities clearly and keep track of the different roles account holders may have in your organization. For example, a website administrator may also be a teacher. Or a school administrator may also be the parent of a child currently attending the school.
Privileges stack. Designating a user type or additional access privileges will add to that person's access but cannot restrict it. If you wish to fine tune feature access, start with a regular account and only add what is needed. (Add a new user Steps 3-6 describe how to give specific privileges.)

What's the difference between user types?

Regular user accounts

When you add a new user account, by default it will be a standard user account without any extra privileges. That person will just have the basics when they log into your website's admin area: their own little piece of the website to hold their pages, photos, videos and calendar.
To prevent access to the admin site entirely, make sure you select "Minimal Access User" as the account type. Learn more about the various account types here.
select minimal access to prevent admin site access

School staff

√  Accounts marked as Other Employees, School Administrators or Teachers are included in the main Staff Directory for your site.
√  They can add their own Posts.
√  They can send emails from their own email address through Email Sender.
√  Those designated as Teachers can also add their own Classes and Assignments.

Other user types

You may wish other members of your community to have accounts on your website: Alumni, Alumni Parents, Other Individual, Parents or Students.
√  Accounts designated as Students or Other Individuals can add their own Posts.

 What can each kind of user type do?

Privilege or access
Other Employees and School Administrators
Other Individuals and Students Alumni, Alumni Parents, Parents Regular user accounts
Can add their own classes and assignments no no no no
Can add their own Posts no no
Included in main Staff Directory no no no
Can send emails through Email Sender no no no
Can be given additional specific privileges

Best practices for all user accounts

  • Change your password from the default one the very first time you log in.
  • Continue to change your password regularly.