Social Media Manager Overview

Posting to social media is now done through the Broadcasts feature!

Simplify your outreach by using Broadcasts to reach audiences across multiple channels at once.

The standalone Social Media Manager feature has been retired. You will be unable to view old social media posts sent from this feature in June 2023.
Post to Twitter and Facebook Pages directly from your admin site with Social Media Manager.
Admins, cut out a step from your daily routine by posting a news story from your site to Facebook and/or Twitter with a simple interface. And everything is logged for easy record keeping of your social media posts.

Get Started

  1. Before you begin, connect your school's social media accounts
  2. Navigate to Social Media Manager
  3. Post a new message

Connect (or disconnect) your school's social media accounts

Manage which social media accounts are connected in Settings-->Social. Connected accounts can be posted to from Broadcasts and Social Media Manager.

Advanced: Send messages through your school's Twitter or Facebook Developer Account



The Social Media Manager does not create or affect any live feeds on your website's homepage.

Got feedback? 

We’re still collecting data on how schools use social media. As we continue to build and expand features, your input is our best guide! 
Please tell us how schools needs and expectations are changing in a world driven by Social Media Networks. Give us your feedback!
On August 1st, 2018 Facebook removed the ability to post to Facebook profiles on behalf of users.
Learn more about the Facebook Platform Product Changes and Policy Updates.